Frequently Asked Questions

I am not sure if I like the service. Can I try it first?

Absolutely, the best way to find out whether BackupCircle is right for you is to use it – for free! We offer a 15 days free trial for each new company.
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How does the system interact with QuickBooks Online?

We link to QuickBooks Online and download your accounting data. We store all the data on a secure server and we restore them whenever you need it.
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Why do we need BackupCircle if QuickBooks Online is already a cloud service?

Now you have the freedom to take backups at any time, and if for some reason you need to revert some data entry to a previous point in time, you can do so in a few clicks. All by yourself.
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How long does it take to get setup?

Literally under 5 minutes, the system is already setup with everything you need to get going without any hassle. You can invite as many users as you wish.
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Is it expensive?

No! In fact we believe you will actually save money using our software.

Think for example the time somebody in your team will spend to book transactions again after they had been mistakenly deleted. BackupCircle is a cost effective solution.

Check out the free trial and the 4.99 USD / monthly fee.
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Do I need to commit with a long-term subscription?

You are billed for month to month and you are free to cancel anytime. See also Cancel Subscription.
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I’ve decided to subscribe today, but what happens if my trial subscription is still active?

That’s great! For your convenience, you can sign up so that your BackupCircle service continues after your trial, without interruption, at any time during your trial without giving up any of your trial period. Your paid subscription won’t begin until after your trial ends.
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Is it necessary to download any installation software?

No software downloads or software installation is required – simply sign in to the application via your web browser: Quickbooks Online App Card
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Does BackupCircle work with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop?

No, BackupCircle works only with QuickBooks Online.
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Does BackupCircle work with MAC and other O.S? Which specific operative system is required?

BackupCircle is a cloud service; as such it will work regardless of your computer’s operating system. It is compatible with all O.S including, Mac, Windows and Linux.
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Is my data secure?

BackupCircle is an authorized QuickBooks application that has passed the security requirements specified by Intuit. Our data security has been independently tested by Cigital/Synopsys, a renowned consulting firm specialed in software security.

All pages on the secure site are secured using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). The data is stored in a password protected SQL Server database, on a firewalled server, accessible only via HTTPS. So yes, your data is secure with BackupCircle.
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Is my payment secure?

Your Billing Information is kept secure by a certified credit card processing facility. BackupCircle does not store your credit card information. Your billing information is transferred for processing over industry standard encrypted channels for verification. We use the same SSL encryption technology that is used for online banking. So again, yes your payment is very secure.
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Can I run the app from mobile?

It is technically possible, however we strongly advice against it. Performing a restore is a critical operation and your input will be required, we recommend you access QuickBooks Online from desktop.
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Are Recurring Transactions and Customized Reports saved and restored by BackupCircle?

Unfortunately no.
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Does BackupCircle work with Inventory Tracking?

If you are a QuickBooks Online Plus user, you have the option to activate inventory tracking.

While we can handle inventory-tracking without any issues, the current API (managed by Intuit) does not support “inventory shrinkage” and “initial quantity on hand”. In case such entries were recorded, this will result in a not accurate restore.
This uncertainty is just not acceptable to us. Therefore, we flagged BackupCircle as not supporting inventory-tracking.

On a good note: if you activated inventory tracking, for example during QuickBooks Online setup but have never used it, you can use BackupCircle without a problem. This is because your company accounting does not include any inventory tracking related transactions yet.
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I am using inventory tracking and managed to run a restore successfully. How is that?

The reason is that you have never used inventory shrinkage. Also, when you created new inventory items you entered zero quantity on hand. When these conditions apply, you can force a restore even if inventory tracking is on, we do not recommend this though.
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Does BackupCircle work if Payroll Service is on?

Unfortunately, no. You could however de-activate Payroll Service, close the books and do backups/restores after that point.
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What about Budget?

BackupCircle does backup Budgets; however, we cannot restore Budgets automatically. Instead, you can go to the desired restore and download the Backup XLS. At this point, you will have to either manually edit or import the budgets into your QuickBooks Online Company.
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What happens to the attachments during a restore?

BackupCircle won’t backup your attachment files in a remote server, however we will keep the link to each attachment, regardless of what happened to the document that originally contained the attachment. For example, if a deleted invoice had a .pdf attached and the QuickBooks Online user did not delete the attachment, BackupCircle will restore the invoice including the attached .pdf.
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Do BackupCircle Backups edit any data within My QuickBooks Company?

No, during backups we only read from your QuickBooks Online Company. You can take as many backups as you wish. Note however that the restore function will replace your current company live data with what was stored in the backup.
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Do I need to run backups manually?

You can, however you don’t have to. BackupCircle will run weekly backups for you. Once the operation is completed everybody your team will get a confirmation email. You can also login to and manually run a backup. For example before or after some complex accounting or before hiring some new team member.
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What are email alerts?

We use email alerts to keep you up to date on what is going on, so you will have peace of mind that everything is running fine without logging into BackupCircle website. We will email you every time a scheduled backup completed successfully or if for some reason there could be in the future restore issues with your company (for example you activated Payroll Service) or if some user disconnected BackupCircle from your QuickBooks Online Company.
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How many users can access BackupCircle?

We do not set a limit on the number of users for BackupCircle. In fact, once the app has been subscribed you can also invite users that do not have a QuickBooks Online subscription.
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I run 4 QuickBooks Online companies, can I use BackupCircle with all of them?

Yes, you can use BackupCircle with as many companies as you want, within BackupCircle app you can switch the company you are working on by selecting gear-icon and then My Companies.  Here a Screenshot  Remember, each company requires a BackupCircle subscription. (in the example above 4 subscription would be required)
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Cancel Subscription

If you cancel your BackupCircle subscription and once the current billing period is finished (subscribed month-period) you will be locked out of your account including all backups and logs. After some time all your data will be wiped out from our servers.

Your trial will automatically expire, there’s no need to cancel.
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Can I get a refund?

We strive to keep BackupCircle priced as low as possible, for this reason we have streamlined our subscription and cancellation process to its essential. You are free to cancel anytime, however we are not able to give you a pro/rata refund of the existing billing period. Consistently with this, you are granted access until the end of the billing period (month).
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